Kirtan Desai

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Transform Your Learning - The Art of Active Learning

Various techniques that worked for my kids and things that didn't... Are you tired of cramming and still falling short on exams? Discover the transformative power of active learning! Our eBook, filled with humor, relatable stories, and actionable tips, will guide you on how to study smarter, not harder. Say goodbye to passive reading and hello to techniques like spaced repetition, flow charts, and more that are scientifically proven to boost your grades and career prospects. Become a part of the learning revolution and equip yourself with the skills for a lifetime of success!

100 Things You MUST Know to Become an Effective Data Executive

Navigate, lead, and thrive in the data age with '100 Things You Need to Know to Become an Effective Data Executive.' This comprehensive guide covers everything from personal development to technical skills, offering actionable insights for current and aspiring leaders. Equip yourself with the knowledge and skills to excel in the evolving field of data management.

Unleashing Bharat: Lessons & Ideas for India's StartUp Pioneers

Welcome to a journey that's as thrilling as a last-ball win in a cricket match. You're about to embark on an exploration through Dos and Don'ts from the Silicon Valley. We're building bridges between the effervescent, groundbreaking hustle of Silicon Valley and the rich, untapped soil of India's emerging startup ecosystem. We'll dissect what Silicon Valley right and examine what it got wrong. We don't just stop at critique. We move on to adaptation—adapting these lessons in a way that resonates with the colors, textures, and rhythms unique to India. So whether you're a fledgling entrepreneur searching for your north star or an established businessperson aiming to renew your playbook, strap in. This book is your map, compass, and best of all, a friendly co-traveler as you navigate the windy roads of startup success. Ready? Let's roll.

The Data Executive's Playbook: Companion Guide to Becoming an Executive Data Leader

We've all witnessed a common pattern in countless organizations: data and analyst  professionals feeling under-appreciated and undervalued, despite their immense contribution to the company's success. They are seen as 'behind-the-scenes' players who analyze numbers, crunch data, and generate reports. While their work is acknowledged, it is rarely celebrated, and their potential to make strategic decisions remains untapped.

Natural Born Leaders: Collaborative Success for Product, Project, Portfolio, and Program Managers

Show Your Leadership Potential: Step into the role you were born for and bring about meaningful change. This e-book is an invitation to understand the nuanced relationship between Product, Project, Portfolio, and Program Managers. Learn to cultivate an environment where collaboration and creativity flourish, where silos crumble, and where teams can aspire to a collective vision. Instead of merely managing, inspire those around you to new heights of innovation and performance. Take this moment to invest in your innate leadership qualities and set a new course for your career and your organization.